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THIS TUTORIAL PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BE REGULARLY UPDATED - Please see the Release Lackey Template Tutorial to learn how to Customize Templates.  If you don't find the answers you are looking for here, please email me with your questions! 

Release Lackey is a full-featured paperless "Release, Waiver, and Agreement Form" for those needing the signing of relatively simple legal documents such as photographic model releases, liability releases and non-disclosure agreements.  Signatures are captured by "writing" directly on the Android device's touch screen and a reference photo is captured with the built in camera.  A pdf is created and a copy emailed to the signer as well as to an address of your choosing for safe keeping.

General Concepts (updated 5/11/2001)

1. Release Lackey creates standard PDF files that can be opened and printed on most computers using the freely available Adobe Reader.  In addition to the PDFs being emailed, they are stored on the device's "external" memory (i.e. SDCard) in the Release Lackey folder.

It is suggested that you install a PDF reader on your Android (phone/tablet), if you don't already have one, so you may preview the documents on the device.  The free Adobe Reader works great, but there are a number of others available that should work fine also.

2. The perceived, as well as actual integrity of digital documents is paramount to further promote full acceptance of this medium and guard against the nefarious amongst us.  To this end, Release Lackey enforces certain rules, such as signatures are watermarked with date and other document information and they do not exist as separate files.  No cutting and pasting of previously captured signatures (including the photographer's) or photos is allowed.

(COMING SOON) Certain document fields cannot be modified after a signature has been captured without requiring the signature to be redone.  (COMING SOON) Signatures, which are stored in a database, are highly encrypted making them very difficult to re-use for any nefarious purpose. 

3. Because touch screens and small keyboards are not the easiest ways to type, Release Lackey does it's best to minimize typing by allowing you to choose from your Android device's Contacts List when filling in names, and from a list of previously entered values for most other fields. 

An added benefit when selecting a person from the contacts list is that along with name, their email, telephone, and address data is also pulled.  This means it is beneficial for you to put people you use more than once in the contacts list of the gMail account you synchronize with your Android.

4. Release Lackey is "Template" driven, meaning fields and dialogs are controlled by whatever Template was chosen for the document being created.  For example the "person name" field, if you are creating a Model Release that field is referred to as "Model".  It could also be defined as "Participant" for Liability Release, or "Signer" for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

5. Release Lackey currently stores it's data in a database on your device's internal memory.  PDF files are output to the device's SD Card under the folder /Release Lackey as well as being emailed to you and the signer

Setup (updated 5/11/2001)

1. The first time Release Lackey is installed, a wizard leads you through the answering of a few basic questions regarding your business.  Only information required to create a basic photographic model release is asked by the wizard.

2. Setup is accessible by tapping Menu, then Setup.  You should enter Setup to customize additional features and tailor me to your needs.

Customizing Templates

Please see the Release Lackey Template Tutorial to learn how to Customize Templates.

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