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Release Lackey is a full-featured paperless "Release, Waiver, and Agreement Form" for those businesses needing signatures on relatively simple legal documents such as photographic model releases, liability releases or non-disclosure agreements.  Signatures are captured by "writing" directly on your Android's touch screen and a reference photo is captured with the built in camera.  A pdf is created and a copy emailed to the signer as well as to an address of your choosing for safe keeping.

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Release Lackey - by Lackey Soft

Hi, my name is Release Lackey and I'm your faithful signable document servant.  I make the sometimes necessary task of preparing simple legal documents such as Releases, Waivers, Agreements and many others, simple and free from the hassle of paper (and eventually save-a-tree!)

You supply the wording or modify and use my built-in templates.  I capture necessary signatures and an optional reference photo, then combine it all together to create a standard PDF file that is eMailed it to you and the signer.

Of course I support the need for guardian signatures, and the option to require a witness also.

Tablet owners and Android Honeycomb 3.0: Please bear with me as changes to take advantage of all the additional screen space will be added over the next couple of months.  And please contact my developer, he needs your input!

Here are a few screenshots, or for more detailed information visit the RELEASE LACKEY TUTORIAL page.

Release Lackey - ScreenshotRelease Lackey - ScreenshotRelease Lackey - PDF SampleRelease Lackey Reference Photo tab

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This is the QR Code that will take your Android device to Release Lackey on the Android Market.  From your PC, click here.

QR Codes can be read by your Android device using a number of freely available applications, including Google Goggles.  Basically you "scan" the QR Code using the devices built-in camera and you are brought to the download site for Release Lackey. 
OR, if you are viewing this page from your Android, just tap the code itself!

Release Lackey is also available on the Amazon Appstore for Android.