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Hi, I'm Gary D. Amundson of LackeySoft LLC, Android Developer.  Let me create compelling and elegant custom Android mobile and tablet applications that work for you.  I am passionate about creating polished graphical user interfaces that contribute to an enjoyable and efficient end-user experience.  Contact me to discuss your project, for a no-obligation quote, and to check my availability: 

I have been developing computer applications for a quarter of a century now (yeah, I'm old, but I'm not that old :)  Let my extensive experience be your ally to quickly create the Android solution you need.

LackeySoft is an LLC whose clients include: Universal Mind; TryonSoft; Isaac Daniel Group; Mobilitie LLC; American Medical Technologies.

If you've come here looking for support for LackeySoft Android applications, send Gary an email for free support!

Personal projects I have on the Android Market (Play) or in development are described below.

Release Lackey - by Lackey SoftRELEASE LACKEY is a full-featured paperless "Release, Waiver, and Agreement Form" for those businesses needing relatively simple legal documents such as photographic model releases, liability releases, or non-disclosure agreements to be signed by their customers.  Signatures and a photograph are captured via the Android device's touch screen and built in camera, then a pdf of the completed document is created and a copy is emailed to the signer and to an address of your choosing for safe keeping.

For a reasonable charge, Release Lackey can be customized and "branded" to your business' needs.  This includes building in your logo and corporate color theme as well as supporting any fields you wish.  Contact me for details...

Available on the Android Market since April 2011 (4.9 Star Rating w/98% active installs!).  Release Lackey is also available via the Amazon Appstore for Android, MobiHand, and the New Enterprise Cisco AppHQ!

Search for "Release Lackey" or find it under Business Applications or Productivity.
Spades Lackey Splash Screen

SPADES LACKEY - Scorekeeping expert for the popular card game Spades, brings your friends together for some good old-fashioned face-to-face card-playing!

Let a scorekeeping Lackey keep you focused on the game, and free yourself from the concern of making errors when manually scoring Spades with pencil and paper. 

Call your friends and grab your cards (Cards Not Included :), lay Lackey on the table, and let it take care of the details as it guides you through game play.

Available on the Android Market since June 2010 and recently was accepted for sale on the Amazon Appstore for Android.  Search for Spades Lackey under "Games."  Or visit Spades Lackey to see screenshots and learn more.

Kiln Lackey

Kiln Lackey, for glass studio artists, is a servant that mimics the programming of electronic temperature controllers found on glass kilns.

This ability brings an array of features to assist glass artists, particularly glass "fusers" who may typically be tending the kiln at peak firing temperature.

Kiln Lackey is currently in development and being privately tested.  For details on this unique software and to be included in testing... visit the Kiln Lackey page.

Kiln Lackey - Firing Screenshot

Camera Lackey - Voice Recognition Photography

Camera Lackey gives you voice control of your Android phone's camera.

Speak user-defined commands to control all functions of the built-in camera and video recorders.

This application does not yet have a release date.